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Being a human person in my mid 20’s I should probably think about flying the nest and getting on that property ladder. Sadly however I have watched too many films which have given me unrealistic aspirations  about the house I want to live in.

This is a particular issue at Christmas when I constantly find myself disappointed that my house never looks as good as the McCallister residence in Home Alone. Similarly disappointingly is the fact that it never looks as snug and picturesque as the cottage in the Holiday when the January snow starts to fall.

Housesimple have cemented the reality that any house I (or in fact most people) will ever own will be inferior by creating a wonderful infographic of 20 unforgettable houses from movies. The two I’ve previously mentioned are obviously on the list along with the Banks house from Father of the Bride (another favourite of mine) and numerous mansions owned by the movie world’s most well to do characters.

As well as beautiful photos of the houses in question the infographic gives you associated facts including the real life filming location so you can visit the house for yourselves.

Time to get me a ticket to Winnetka, Illinois. The McCallister house will be mine!


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