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I can’t say I’ve ever been curious about how my, ahem… ‘Waste’, changes over time.

Apparently there are some people out there who are though – along with people who want to track their pregnancy, their period, their net worth and even their sex life.

Vouchercloud have put together an infographic that shows off 50 apps – for your mobile phone – that let you track just about everything in your life.

That does include some of the more typical things, like your calorie intake, the distance of your run, your deliveries and the weather, but they do occasionally tread on some stranger territory.

Are there many couples out there who want to track all of their other half’s movements and mobile communication? I mean, love is one thing…


Found on: Vouchercloud

Designed by: Vouchercloud

Commissioned by: Vouchercloud

Researched by: Vouchercloud

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