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It’s no small fear reporting from the front line – you hear often of how dangerous the situation can be when covering stories in war-torn countries and thoroughly corrupt environments.

And a massive 88% of those murders occurred without any form of justice handed out – really evidencing the difficult situation.

In fact, Good and Column Five’s only covers those murders with confirmed motives (not friendly fire, collateral damage etc. – more details on the statistics would be useful, however).

Perhaps surprisingly, 42% of those killed (413) were covering political issues, while just 35% (356) were covering war – crime only rolled in at 15%, with corruption sitting at 20%.

Definitely good to know the danger areas – and speaking of danger areas, 151 journalists were murdered in Iraq, 73 in the Philippines, 60 in Algeria and 55 in Russia.

Mexico sits among the top for countries that aren’t suffering from the effects of war, with 28 journalist killings.

A massive quarter of suspects were political figures too. Controversial at best.

P.S. Sorry guys, but ‘Silenced to death’ is a terrible headline. Sounds like a Steven Seagal straight to video release.


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