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Over 25 days across 25 years, volunteers have swept up a staggering 50 million cigarettes, 15 million food wrappers and containers and 10 million items of kitchenware – from international coastlines.

The remarkably pinpoint and enlightening infographic, created by Eclairage Public, highlights the plight of those volunteers that annually take on the task of cleaning up their nation’s coast.

Some of the statistics are just brilliant though, and a few of our favourites include the 863,000 diapers,the 688,000 car parts and, bizarrely, the 1,248,000 balloons found beneath the waves.

A little bit more information on where ‘international’ includes would be appreciated, particularly to give scale to the figures, but either way, some staggering statistics.


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Designed by: Eclairage Public

Commissioned by: Eclairage Public

Researched by: Ocean Conservancy

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