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It’s not often that I get to highlight differences between the UK and the US, especially when it comes to online habits.

But check North America’s activity against Europe and Asia when it comes to using the internet in the evening/night-time – much more intense usage in Europe during these hours than across America.

However, America has consistently heavier usage throughout the day – so rather than sit at their laptops when they get home from work, the US seem to be online throughout the day.

The Internet Census 2012 also had an interesting story *behind* the data – namely in the fact it’s hilariously illegal:
“It wasn’t malicious. The file itself was the size of a small JPEG. It was given the absolute lowest priority. And it was set to self-destruct if anything went wrong. But this small file allowed one single hacker to measure the Internet activity of nearly half a million connected devices around the world, then share the results with everyone.”
Now, firstly, that’s a relatively small sample size for a global study – perhaps why the results vary across the US and Europe.

That, and there’s a likelihood that the more tech-friendly and heaviest internet users weren’t wrapped up in the study – because they are the more likely to change the password on their rooter to anything but “root”.

But, what we do have is a day in the life of the internet – and an insight into how scarily easy it can be to find out what your day in the life of the internet is like.


Found on: Reddit (r/infographics)

Designed by: Internet Census 2012

Commissioned by: Internet Census 2012

Researched by: Internet Census 2012

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