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Last week, we mapped the world with geo-tagged tweets, brilliantly showing off the technological population (and, interestingly, the UK maritime routes).

And now, although technically you can land a plane anywhere (with optimism and an extreme disregard for property damage and human safety), James Davenport produced this beautiful map, plotting the world using official airports and landing strips.

Europe and the UK and really rocking it in this one – thick with airports and only beaten by, as always, the majority of the USA.

South America is, surprisingly, consistently accessible – more so than Africa, Russia, and even Asia, with even Japan looking relatively inaccessible.

Admittedly, I never knew that the majority of the landing sites tend to be in the South-East, with Scotland, Wales and Ireland all scarce – interesting that the least accessible places and made even less accessible by their air access.

Finally, take a look at Canada – how neat is that line cutting across the centre? Who knew you could organise your airports?


Found on: Reddit (/r/ mapporn)

Designed by: James Davenport (If we assume)

Commissioned by: James Davenport (If we assume)

Researched by: Our Airports

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