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SEO’s are an odd creature – working a job that requires an intimate knowledge of the amorphous blob that is Google, and everything it hunts for, knowing it could just change its entire approach at any minute.

Because of Google’s (failing) attempt to build social media platforms, they’re hunting for ways to make them relevant – and making the Author’s social presence a factor in search engine ranking is a smart but sneaky step.

Although it’s very much an educated guess at the moment, Vertical Measure’s infographic touches upon some of the factors that could be key in establishing an Author Rank.

Basically, combine quality and variety of content, push hard for link-building efforts, with influential people talking to, with, and about you, and bump up that social media effort.

A bit of an airy-fairy collection of facts and information for an animated graphic, but an intriguing issue nonetheless.


Found on: Reddit (/r/ infographics)

Designed by: Vertical Measures

Commissioned by: Vertical Measures

Researched by: Vertical Measures

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