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Nothing wrong with an infographic dedicated to swearing. Unless you don’t like swearing.

A swear word can cost $325,000, be simultaneously added to the dictionary and banned from public display (1971-1972) and be totally, totally different from country to country.

Not quite a universal language then, according to Sortable, but a powerful one nonetheless.

A thumbs up in the Middle East is intriguingly the equivalent of flicking the v’s at someone, while the OK sign is similarly insulting in Brazil.

Also, didn’t know flicking the v’s was English. For any foreign visitors, it’s a less aggressive version of giving someone the finger.

To close, note the BBC’s list of worst swear words, in order:

Cunt (fair enough, I can agree with that);
Motherfucker (eessshh, pretty casual in my eyes);
Wanker (probably comes off worse on TV);
Fuck (really? This is like the go to);
Nigger (how is that not at number 2?).

So this is what the BBC does with public funding? Mother frickers.


Found on: Pinfographics on pinterest

Commissioned by: Sortable

Researched by: Varied sources

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