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Eating insects is good for us, good for the environment, and good for just about everyone (well, except insects).

We’ve discussed entomophagy (eating bugs) before briefly , but this Guardian Digital Agency graphic is such a beaut, it deserves to be shared.

1,900 species of insects have been identified as ‘human food’ – so edible – and in general, insects dedicate more energy to growth than other species.

This means that per 1kg of feed, you’ll get ~470g of edible weight with crickets – compared to just 110g for pigs and 40g for cows (that’s a 400%/1200% greater yield).

That, and the little blighters produce significantly reduced amounts of CO2 (and you’d assume methane) than current farmyard stock.

So if we all switched to eating insects*, 30% of the world’s land-based surface area could be reclaimed from livestock, 18% of our greenhouse gas emissions would disappear, and 33% would be cut from the average food bill.

That’s a pretty big change from such tiny creatures.

*Is this all meat currently eaten becoming insect matter? Just some? Who knows.


Found on: The Guardian

Designed by: The Guardian (Digital Agency)

Commissioned by: The Guardian (Digital Agency)

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