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Oh America. So far ahead in so many tech-focused things, yet 42.4% of you still use Internet Explorer.

Come on guys. Really now? For reals?

Toshiba’s infographic points out the still surprising worldwide appeal of IE, and the increasing dominance of Google Chrome (within ~3 months it surpassed Firefox, then IE, then never looked back).

Despite trends between similar countries, it’s interesting to see there’s always a difference – Chrome is on top in the UK marginally but not in Canada – but in the US, IE still dominates.

Chrome is well on top in New Zealand and Australia – and surprisingly, Mexico.

It could be that the emerging countries have fewer internet users who are, on the whole, more educated when it comes to online –  therefore fewer baa-ing IE users.

I wonder what the situation will be in another five years time?


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Designed by: Katharine Morgan

Commissioned by: Toshiba

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