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Anyone who has ever tried to delete a social media account, or even unsubscribe from a newsletter, knows how hard it is to cut ties on the internet.

But, god forbid you ever want to remove you, and your life, from the internet – as this infographic from WhoisHostingThis shows, it’s an incredibly difficult, and long-winded, task.

It’ll be easy enough early on; searching for all your accounts, deleting them, making up the details for ones you can’t delete. Time consuming but simple.

But getting unlisted? And hooking up with data clearinghhouses?

Basically, trying to remove yourself from the internet SUCKS. But at least this infographic is trying to help.


Found on: Time

Commissioned by: WhoisHostingThis

Researched by: Varied sources

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2 comments on “How to delete yourself from the internet”

  1. Abhishek Pal Reply    14th March 2014

    good tips

    1. Profile photo of
      Ben Harrow Reply    18th March 2014

      Thanks Abhishek, hopefully it helps should you ever need to make the great escape from the interwebs! -BH

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