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Following Liam’s gruesome Ebola  post from last week, which detailed the disease’s disturbing progression from contraction to death, we felt it only natural that you’d want some more. Enter this visualisation of diseases, ranked by contagiousness and fatality rate.

Perhaps a little hard to decipher at first (scatter-graphs aren’t really my friend), it’s illuminating to see how far apart the most notorious diseases are placed from each other. Malaria, for example – as one of the most contagious of all, wipes out chunks of the world’s population with ease. Yet it sits in the ‘not too deadly’ section of the graph, unnervingly parallel to the modest ‘stomach bug’ (Rotavirus).

Whilst our star of the moment, Ebola, sits over on right side with the pleasant company of HIV and Rabies. Despite the hysteria surrounding Ebola’s imminent spread, we can see that its contagiousness is relatively low (it’s pink – transmitted only via body fluids) yet has a grim fatality rate of 70 per cent.


Found on: the guardian

Designed by: David McCandless

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