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It’s election time, UK people!

As I type crosses are being made in boxes, curtained booths are twitching and a wind of governmental change is gusting its way across the country. Hopefully.

In what is sure to be one of the closest elections in decades the young vote could hold a lot of sway in the election race. 75% of people ages 18-30 are planning to vote today with Labour their party of choice at 34%.

The Liberal Democrats seem to have taken a bit of a dip in popularity with the under 30s, with only 8% of the vote (below Greens and UKIP). This could be to do with Nick Clegg’s U-turn on his promise to cut university tuition fees during the last election (2010).

Education is a key policy for the under 30s, though not as crucial as issues with the economy (55%) and the NHS (60%).


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