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One third of people who traveled to Europe last year couldn’t place the country they visited on a map.

One. Third.

That’s mighty impressive.

British Airways Holidays have made travellers look like chumps – the full story elaborates a little more, but basically, 10% of people who visited Ireland thought it was in the UK on a map.

12% thought Cyprus was Greece, 12% thought Spain was France – and those are only the most popular incorrect choices.

In fact, overall, 53% of the people who went to Cyprus missed the mark when it came to pointing it out on the map  – 30% more than admitted they’d have trouble.

So, we’re bad at Geography, and think we’re good at it. Bad times.


Found on: 72point Digital Hub

Designed by: Drench

Commissioned by: British Airways Holidays

Researched by: OnePoll

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