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The most photographed location is one thing – what about the location with the most check-ins?

Facebook have published their 2013 Year in Review – and it includes this rather cute graphic, mapping the most checked-in locations around the world.

Although Facebook themselves published, it’d be wonderful to have sources and scales – how many check-ins these dots represent – as well as some ranking.

But we can’t complain too much.

The data does display some interesting global (and young person) favourites, including the three Disneylands/worlds.

Interestingly, Melbourne Cricket ground makes the list, as well as countless music venues.

The smaller, less globally well known places on the map tend to be lightning rods for tourism in their respective country – Ikeja City Mall in Nigeria and the Friends Arena in Solna, for example.

Is anyone really surprised that Disneyland won?


Found on: Pinterest (News by Design Group Board)

Designed by: Facebook

Commissioned by: Facebook

Researched by: Facebook

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