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I cannot describe how happy I am to be writing a post about a Harry Potter themed infographic. I count myself as one of the biggest Harry Potter fans going so forgive me if this turns out a little self-indulgent.

First off, the colour scheme. Brilliant. The shade of old parchment, I like to think it is an unabashed nod to the marauders’ map. If it isn’t then I still love it. The font and title itself are also fitting. It mirrors how the titles of the films are laid out and is instantly recognizable to a Potter fan.

As a fan, I took great pleasure in reading every single word of content on this infographic. To those who are not all that into Harry Potter (what is wrong with you?) may just see sporadic images, random labels and made up words but to the true fan it is an easy to follow wheel of concentric circles which explains the main spells in the Harry Potter series; their incantation, what they do and a fun fact such as their counter spell or how it feels. Also, if you are a super nerd there’s fun to be had in already knowing about the spells or testing yourself as you make your way around the wheel.

My only grievance is personally, I would have put the Patronus charm in the ‘defensive charms’ section, not the ‘charms’ section.

Hope you have as much fun exploring this infographic as I did but for now – Mischief Managed.


Found on: DeviantArt

Designed by: Sean Seian

Commissioned by: Sean Seian

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