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Data visualisation aside, there are certain things in the world that you realise you take for granted when you see how they work.

A car engine is one of those incredibly complicated, magical things.

The brilliant Jacob O’Neal (who is also behind the epic animated Cheetah that I wholly recommend) has created this infographic that’s chock-full of animation – but, happily, not for animation’s sake.

It does what it says on the tin really, explaining how the various components of a car engine work – but in such fantastic detail, especially considering it’s encased in a single graphic.

The process within a single cylinder is exhibited, and then put in context next to a standard four cylinder engine.

All the components are then broken down, with variations (hybrid engine) included.

Basically, it’s incredibly comprehensive – and the research undertaken and effort taken to visualise must have been staggering, and deserve a whole heap of credit.


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Designed by: Jacob O'Neal

Commissioned by: Jacob O'Neal

Researched by: Jacob O'Neal

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