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After focusing on the more English-y sports in the world yesterday, we thought we’d go somewhat more American today – it’s UFC time.

Although we aren’t talking about the prettiest of data visualisations here, it is an interesting subject to dive into – are the heavy hitters heavy? And the smaller guys more crafty with submissions?

Despite the fact the the new flyweight division has been an exciting introduction, the division has fewer finishes than any other – with a quarter of fights ending by TKO/KO and just 13% ending in submission – although this could be skewed by a smaller pool of fights.

Heavyweight contests, on the other hand, are thick with knockouts, with over half ending in TKO/KO. 16% end in submission – still more than the flyweights, and equal to the light heavyweight division.

The bantamweights are the worst for draws and no contests – 3% of fights ended with controversy.

Props to Fightnomics for such a wicked chart – Interesting also that fights are consistently contested more fiercely in the lighter divisions – split/majority decisions occurred more frequently in flyweight fights (13%)  than in heavyweight fights (3%).

So, you know what to expect now. Kinda. Probably not. Just don’t turn away when the heavyweights are brawling.


Found on: Reddit (/r/dataisbeautiful)

Designed by: Fightnomics

Commissioned by: Fightnomics

Researched by: Fightnomics

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