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27 million Brits use Facebook every month- almost half of the population.

What’s more surprising is that one in every five minutes spent online is spent drifting through Facebook, equating to around 7 hours a month.

That’s 3 minutes for each friend, if you go by the 130 friends of the average Facebook user.

My Clever Agency’s infographic also suggests 37% will listen to friend’s recommendations (although they didn’t spell it that way).

I’m a little surprised that mobile use isn’t at a similar level during the daytime as it is at night (I assume because mobile use would be similar to tablet use), but perhaps midday is only a little higher.

Either way, the design is calm and clear (big fan of pastille colours, big fan) and shows off the findings well, if with a little too little clarification as to what means what (it’s a bit vague).

Better than spamming out run of the mill FB infographics, at least.


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Designed by: My Clever Agency

Commissioned by: My Clever Agency

Researched by: Facebook

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