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We reached a global population of 7 billion in late 2011 – NPR decided to map out this growth, and they did it in a ridiculously beautiful way.

As recently as one thousand years ago, there were only ~300 million people on earth – the majority residing in China or India.

We hit 1 billion in 1804 – a population increase of just 875,000 people each year over 800 years.

Then, we got better with medicine. And better with growing crops, rearing animals and distributing produce.

And infant mortality rates shot up, and people were healthier, and more people had children.

It took just 200 years of consistent population growth for the world to reach 7 billion people – a rate of 30,000,000 people each year.

From 875,000 each year, to 30,000,000 each year. A 3,429% increase in the rate of population increase.

Experts predict the population will level out at 10 billion by the end of the Century – I’d love to see reasons why, and where the population will continue to balloon.

A beautifully constructed video, all in all – informative, clear cut and a little bit genius. And always helps if the voice is nice, too.


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