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“Fooling around with alternating current is just a waste of time. Nobody will use it, ever”- Thomas Edison.

We’ll forgive him for that one, though.

Socialcast’s infographic also points out that telephones, space travel and e-mail all had their high profile doubters.

Even remote shopping was christened and killed off by Time magazine in 1966, when in reality, it exploded beyond all comprehension.

Some of the incorrect predictions are brilliant, too- robot pets, a paperless society and the eradication of spam (good effort, Bill, good effort) all never came to fruition.

It is surprising that we haven’t replaced phones with video phones though. One day. One day no-one will be ever to ring their friends when hungover or crying again.

To finish, just read the quote from the US postmaster general in 1959. Read it. I wish life was really like that.


Found on: Reddit (r/infographics)

Commissioned by: Socialcast

Researched by: Varied sources

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