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We’ve all seen those adverts that pop up on the side bar of our screen or in our Facebook wall but how do we really feel about them? Do they make us want to buy something? Do they annoy us? Or do they make us feel like the victim of the ‘big brother’ society?

Well now we know thanks to research by InSkin Media and Rapp, and this friendly little infographic by our friends at Drench. Turns out it depends on how often we see them. If we see them 10 or more times than the overwhelming feeling is one of annoyance, however if it’s only 1-3 times then chances are we won’t be quite so hostile.

The research is targeted towards advertisers and aims to help them improve their online ad strategies. For example repeated online ads can put 55% of people off buying a product. Not only that but 73% of people said that they are uncomfortable with advertisers knowing their last purchase, and 69% are uncomfortable with advertising knowing which websites they’ve visited. There is some positive news though for online advertisers; placing an ad on a site the user deems ‘good quality’  or ‘relevant’ can double the chances of a positive reaction, with 37% of people more likely to click it! Huzzah!

So if you are planning a bit of online advertising, you’d be foolish to not take a look at this lovely infographic beforehand.


Found on: InSkin Media

Designed by: Drench

Commissioned by: Inskin Media (and Rapp)

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