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Its 8.30 am, you’ve come into work early to make a start on that thing you’re working on.

You open your internet browser and type in the URL of the website you need.

Nothing happens.

The little circle does about 100 cycles and still nothing.

You repeatedly press refresh with little success and before you know it is half one and you’ve not done much….OR even worse the little Google Chrome dinosaur has reared his ugly head to tell you that your internet has died.

Sound familiar?

It’s not just you. Hundreds of people work in areas where the internet is so slow that it would be quicker to carve things in stone. But now the Government, specifically the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, are launching a new initiative which offers a grant for businesses to upgrade to superfast broadband.

These infographics, created for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport by the brilliant team at Drench Design, illustrate the process companies need to follow in order to sign up for the scheme.  So if work’s snail-paced internet is stopping you from winning employee of the month, why not follow the steps below, or visit, to see if your company is eligible.

Maybe then you can use your superfast broadband to peruse some more infographics… there’s a thought!


Designed by: Drench

Commissioned by: Department for Media, Culture & Sport

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