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Bored at work? If so we’ve got something that might provide an entertaining distraction for a few minutes… An infographic all about jobs.

The IG opens with the question which apparently most people fear being asked in an interview; if you could be any animal, what would it be? (Easy – killer whale. They’re just too cool…) It then goes on to other nightmarish questions, including the time-honoured riddle; who would win in a fight between Spider-man and Batman? This part of the graphic brings to mind another tough question, which is what the hell kind of interviews have these people been attending?!

Nearer the end we’re shown the top three dream jobs. There’s not much in it, but being a big time writer (hey – it could happen) beats high flying sports person to second place, with food and drink taster taking the number one spot by one percent. I can relate to that as my dream job would be doing what that guy on Man V Food does.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a job interview to prep for and am off to research who is tougher out of Wolverine and the Hulk.


Found on: OnePoll

Designed by: Drench Design

Commissioned by: OnePoll

Researched by: OnePoll

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