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Are you the type of person who finds it hard to resist clickbait? If so we’ve got three words for you. In fact, we’ve got a whole list of three words for you.

The three word phrases in question are those which appear in the titles of the most shared Buzzfeed articles. The simple bar graph infographic shows phrases in order of how many times they have been shared via Facebook.

Where there is an [X] denotes where there would have been a number, suggesting that lists are popular. Mentioning dogs and TV super show Game of Thrones can also help an article to get a few extra shares.

For the most-part the difference is relatively marginal, but there is a clear top three…

In at number three and proving that we’re all desperate to fill our bucket lists is “before you die”. Second place and surprise runner-up is the ambiguous “[X] things only”. But with over 100,000 Facebook shares, the landslide victory goes to “character are you”. I guess it just goes to show how vain and self-obsessed we all are.

Not me though; I took the test and it turns out I’m The Hulk. Hulk don’t get vain, Hulk just get angry!


Found on: Reddit

Designed by: Max Woolfe

Researched by: Max Woolfe

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