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Baby pandas are such glory-hogs.

So a little panda sprog was sprung this year at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Little Bao Bao was born one year ago (23rd August 2013), instantly overshadowing the other animals in their enclosures.

Nevermind the 9 cheetahs, 2 roseate spoonbills and a solitary sloth bear, who all looked on, their eyes green with envy.

Or the 4 tentacled snakes, a micronesian kingfisher and an army of 44 black-footed ferrets, just a fraction of the new-born creatures playing second fiddle to Bao Bao’s panda antics.

And it’s lucky that stingrays can’t read; their omission from the Smithsonian infographic would make them positively livid! At least they could enjoy the amazing art and design from the team at the Washington Post.

View the interactive version here.


Found on: Washington Post

Designed by: NewsIllustrated

Researched by: Smithsonian National Zoo

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