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What do you fancy for lunch today? A BLT on white? A ceaser salad? Seafood linguine?


How about a world record?

Ok so it may not satisfy your food needs but it’ll make your lunch break a hell of a lot more interesting.

Research from BUPA found that only 30% of people take an hour for lunch, if they take any time at all.

That’s not good for you. You are legally supposed to have 20 minutes.

So take it.

Even if you decided you don’t want food (which is frankly a bit weird, but whatever floats your boat), taking a break is proven to produce productivity.

Most people will take a break and read a paper. Or search social media to see if they have any friends. Or maybe even exercise (who those people are, I’m quite not sure).

But why be the same as everyone else? 20 minutes to an hour is enough to do something exciting.

This infographic gives you 12 word record attempts that you can do on your lunch hour.

One suggestion is seeing how you quickly you can eat a 12” pizza. The current record, held by Canadian Peter Czerwinski is 41.31 seconds. It takes longer to say his name!

If you are going to try that one I’d be ready with a sick bowl, just in case.

Or if that’s not your bag, why not try ‘fastest time to duct tape a person to a wall’. Yes you did read that correctly. That one is worth a shot for comedy value alone.

Still no? Well there’s many more to choose from so have a look. You never know, this time tomorrow you could be a record breaker!! (Cue the music…)


Found on: Chair Office

Commissioned by: Chair Office

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2 comments on “Lunchtime World Records”

  1. ChairOffice Reply    8th September 2014


    Thank you for sharing our infographic. It would be great if you could link to the original source. You can find that here:

    All the best,


    1. Profile photo of Grant Bailey
      Grant Bailey Reply    24th October 2014

      Sorry for taking so long to get back to you! No problem, I have changed the link now 🙂

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