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Not often that Instagram selfies are mapped against the movement of Tube trains and a network of CCTV cameras.

To promote the launch of the Watch Dogs video game, Ubisoft created an interactive map of all the ‘hackable’ (in the video game world, at least) data points in London (and Paris, and Berlin).

It’s actually quite an interesting insight – although you do feel quite intrusive clicking on people’s Instagram photos, despite it, clearly, being easily scrapeable data.

The design is obviously stylised to the new game – but it also suits the slight creepiness and sophisticated tech-y approach, and the little bursts of light are actually really attractive.

In fact, the ‘branding’ really does suit the entire project – whether it be clicking on a datapoint and seeing a network flash up, to the small blips and bleeps mapping a tube train en route, reminiscent of a 1990’s sci-fi handheld tracking device.

One of those things you can get lost in for a while.


Found on: Reddit (/r/dataisbeautiful)

Designed by: We are Data (Watchdogs)

Commissioned by: We are Data (Watchdogs)

Researched by: We are Data (Watchdogs)

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