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Hundreds or maybe even thousands of young people will soon be leaving higher education with dreams of becoming the next Karen Brady or Theo Paphitis.

They’ll have dreams of building an empire that leaves even Alan Sugar with a damp brow.

But who is the average entrepreneur, today? Should these up-and-coming graduates have something to worry about?

This infographic by the Mastriani Law Firm won’t appeal to a lot of people but those who do find it interesting will find they have a four per cent chance of succeeding after 16-20 years of experience.

Bit of a downer, right?

It’s to the point, maybe too much so, as I doubt it’ll leave wannabe Rupert Murdochs with any hope for the future.

But if you’re from across the pond, it seems you’ll have a much better success rate than any Brits with the same aims.

The colour scheme matches the information they’re trying to put across, and reminds me a little of Lord Sugar’s suit – there’s a lot of grey area there.


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