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Humans have a brilliant ability to lull themselves into a false sense of security.

It’s brilliant, because it means we aren’t constantly thinking about the fact that the world wants to eat us, blow us away or set us on fire.

This map (although not really digital – if it’s remade, it could be amazing) shows the world in terms of its natural disaster hot-spots – earthquake zones mapped in red, volcanoes dotted out as little triangles and tropical storms blowing their way through the world in green.

It’s also very comforting for us in the UK – we like it quiet, boring, and a nice plain shade of yellow. It’s why we’re so level-headed and charming.

The US is more perilous than I had expected – although it’s well known that the West Coast is an earthquake hot-spot, it catches the edge of a couple of tropical storms too.

And not many places worldwide look similarly daunting.

All the best of luck to you on that one!


Found on: Maps on the Web

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