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A lot of people will say this is harsh on Google+. I say, if they didn’t have an established user-base behind them, they’d have folded within weeks.

The likes of Delicious, Digg and Myspace had potential but majorly lost their way, while iTunes Ping, Eon and Diaspora died before they were born.

Mylife’s infographic goes into the details of some of the social media break-ups- the search queries over time especially are hugely enlightening when it comes to the history of each individual site.

I especially feel sadness for Delicious- great potential, and users that almost built their social life around the site.

… but then they relaunched with broken tools and changed the basic functionality of the site. Quick fire way to really dig a hole for yourself.

Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn next? My bet’s on Linkedin, after the whole ‘endorsements’ idea.


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