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Are you often angry or irritable in the workplace? Is the quality of your work going increasingly downhill? Are you reading this when you should be working? Then congratulations! You might be an over worked employee.

“You can say that again” you may chuckle but, seriously now, ‘desk rage’ happens and it can cause you harm. With 1 in 4 employees citing their job as the number 1 cause of stress in their lives (US), this infographic gives helpful hints of how to recognize when you or a colleague has gone from office Zen to employee on the edge.

Take a look around your office; can you match any of your colleagues to the stressed out employees on the chart? There are the obvious ones such as the angry and irritable person (that particularly red-faced guy who yells at the photocopier) or there’s the one who keeps forgetting things, the one who keeps being late or even calls in sick a bit too often.

There are also signs you are likely to miss and could be causing your colleagues a lot of distress. Being overworked can cause headaches, muscle pains and even psychological disorders. The main cause f stress in the workplace? Money worries and low pay play the biggest role.

So next time a colleague is acting irritable or their work is not up to their usual standard, instead of gossiping to anyone who will listen; maybe just ask them if they’re OK….


Found on: Mashable

Designed by: Column 5

Commissioned by: keas

Researched by: American Psychological Association

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