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Before you read this, let’s test your patience…

If you skipped the instruction above and just wanted to get on with reading this post don’t worry, you probably don’t have much patience anyway.

If you did it, welcome back!

In the PR world, these last couple of weeks have been all about testing people’s patience. Interparcel dipped their toes in the sea of MPC (Multi Platform Content) and went absolutely viral. As well as a game and case study video, one of the many awesome things born from their research was this infographic.

It tells you how long on average people are willing to wait for the everyday things in life that test our patience, such as loading a webpage and waiting to be served at a bar.

The infographic takes Interparcel’s colour scheme and font making the brand instantly recognisable and packed with the most interesting stats from the research.


Designed by: Drench

Commissioned by: Interparcel

Researched by: OnePoll

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