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Halloween is just round the corner. That means planning parties, sorting out your costume and going to a supermarket to buy a pumpkin to carve. This year it’s going to be the best carving in the street but we all know it will inevitably ending up looking like a pumpkin with holes in it.

Well while you’re hacking that pumpkin to bits, take a moment to think about how much you really know about your orange Halloween companion. Do you even know what type of vegetable it is? Is it even a vegetable…?! It’s a gourd, and no it’s not a vegetable, it’s a fruit.

This infographic is full of pumpkin based factoids to impress your friends this Halloween. For example 80% of all commercially grown pumpkins in the States are produced in Peoria, Illinois. Didn’t know that did you?

Did you also know: Morton, Illinois is known as the pumpkin capital of the word? They process and can 100,000 tons of pumpkins a year, which is enough for more than 50 million pumpkin pies.

That’s a lot of pies.

So many pies in fact that it would stretch across the U.S. more than 32 times……Wow.

The infographic itself is very basic with regards to its design, with simple little cartoons and a colour scheme reflective of a pumpkin patch. This means that it not only looks good and is simple to follow but its useful for enhancing your pumpkin knowledge all year round, not just on October the 31st.

So take a look at it and maybe the next time you look at your orange friend, you won’t just see a blank canvas for carving creepy creations.

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Found on: Sparefoot

Designed by: Now Sourcing

Commissioned by: Sparefoot

Researched by: Now Sourcing

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