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We live in a magical age. Not only are we able to enjoy access to an entire world of information via the World Wide Web, we can carry it around with us in our pockets.

According to the infographic below, 25% of internet users only browse online using a mobile device. And as the number of mobile internet users looks set to surpass the amount of desktop users by the end of the year, website owners will want to avoid any glitches on the smaller screens.

Responsive design allows a website to adapt depending on the type of device being used to view it, meaning you can browse using desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone without losing any of the functionality. This nifty infographic explains how.

It must be slightly bewildering for people of my father’s generation – he likes to tell me about how tiny the first TV his family had was compared to the monster flat screens of today. And yet we’re all wandering around watching videos and playing games on our phones.

Still, who am I to criticise technological progress? What a time to be alive!


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