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Fight, dialogue, training, dialogue, training, montage, dialogue, prefight, fight, dialogue.

That’s Rocky, in 10 words, courtesy of Fathom Information Design.

Graphics built out of movies, games and music are often that bit more innovative and engaging, purely to justify them being hooked on pop culture – and this example is, frankly, a brilliant reminder of all the awesomeness that flows through the six Rocky movies.

It’s interesting to see a snapshot of each film – and to see how the movies progress throughout the series, with fights and montages unsurprisingly becoming more popular (as that”s what everyone loved about the first film, if you don’t mind me saying).

It’s also fantastic that the film scrolls along with your cursor – it means you can get fantastic little screenshots, or fast-forward your way through the entire 6 movies.

If you take away one thing from this, let it be that every movie starts and ends with a fight.

It’s almost like a metaphor. Or something.


Found on: Reddit (/r/dataisbeautiful)

Designed by: Fathom Information Design

Commissioned by: Fathom Information Design

Researched by: Fathom Information Design

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