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Christmas is well and truly upon us with not long to go until the big day. It’s a time for festive cheer, being around friends and family and presents from the guy in red (I know what you’re thinking but just go with it….).

Every year we wake up on Christmas morning hoping that Santa has been and left us all something. But has anyone ever thought whether Santa’s business plan is really valid? This infographic starts by looking at the location of St Nick and poses the overall question: Should he relocate to Alaska? A question I know was on all of our minds.

Some pros for the relocation include the amount of native reindeer. There are approximately 24,000 in Alaska and none in the North Pole. That’s got to save him a few bob in reindeer transportation. Alaska is also a good 32 degree’s warmer than the North Pole which is gonna save on the heating bills.

The infographic also looks at the situation of both the Elves and the Reindeer but I’ll let you mull over those arguments on your own, but Alaska is certainly looking like a viable option for the big guy.


Found on: Pinterest

Designed by: oBizMedia

Commissioned by: H&R Block

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