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“Hercules is a very popular name right now”
“Yeah you know how a few years ago every other boy was named Jason, and the girls were all named Britney?!”

10 points if you can name that film?

It’s Disney’s Hercules. Slight clue in the opening line, but have 10 points anyway, they don’t cost anything. I think it might be one of my favourite quotes from that film and, quite frankly, it’s bloody good for introducing this interactive infographic from the good people at Abacaba.

The infographic shows the evolution of girls names in the USA, with bigger bubbles showing more births of little girls given that particular name. Pretty straight forward. If you’re upset that you can’t read the iddy biddy circles then fear not my little infographic nose miners! You can see additional info on the side.

Man, it’s SO good. Plus the constant changes just suck you in and it’s hard to stop looking at it.

I won’t bother talking you through 135 years of names so let’s just skip to my name.  ‘Ruth’ was an increasingly popular name in the 1880’s, growing from the 93rd most popular to the 46th in 9 years. But then in 1891 it reached heady heights at 19th in the Most popular US girls names chart when President Grover Cleveland named his first child, Ruth.

A year later (1892) it was the 5th most popular girls name in the US, and, may I add, the 1st top 10 name to have one syllable or  start in the last half of the alphabet (amongst various other mini triumphs).  ‘Ruth’ kept getting more popular and in 1893 became the third most popular girls name in the US. For years after that it remained in the top 10 (if not top 5) of the most popular girls names in the US until dropping to number 10 in 1930 and out of the top 10 shortly after, becoming increasingly less popular and hence why it’s probably mainly associated with older ladies.

This is heart breaking news, but I’m pretty proud of it how it fared. Although I did want to change it in the late 1990’s due to people calling me Chimney, but that is a cross we Ruths have to bear.


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Designed by: Abacaba

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