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SEO is one of those things you have to understand if you work near it, and if not, it’s too complicated to bother. But, optimising search engines is important, and no, it won’t be dying any time soon.

Produced by SEObook (to act as a one-stop shut-up shop whenever someones bleats that SEO is KO’ed), the infographic looks at the varying debates brought up across the 15 years of ‘rebirth’.

However, across Google Florida, Panda and Penguin, marketeers, writers and bloggers have admittedly been given grounds to feel nervous.

Let me round it off for you – make legit, interesting content that can easily be found with tags, links to appropriate material, and a sprinkling of keywords.



Found on: Search Engine Land

Commissioned by: SEObook

Researched by: SEObook

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