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If you’re looking to buy some property no doubt you have considered the desirability of a London post code.

However, shortly after acknowledging how much you’d like to own a piece of the city, the issue of the price tag attached to such a venture would have been sure to follow.

But what if you got some chums together and went in on a place? Share the burden with shared ownership?

The Notting Hill Housing Association (via You agency) – have taken a look at the annual household income you’d need to earn in order to buy a shared ownership property compared to one on the open market.

The Design Team at Drench have done a fine job with the attractive London skyline and colour scheme here, so at least your eye can relax while your brain calculates how much debt you’re going to be in once you settle into your swanky Lambeth pad.


Designed by: Drench

Commissioned by: The Notting Hill Housing Association

Researched by: The Notting Hill Housing Association

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