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Don’t know if you knew but it’s true. There is. Kids, teenagers and nerds (myself being one of them) are lapping up the chance to talk for days on end about how cool superheroes are; debating which superhero they’d be, what their super power would be and what their secret lair would look like.

Now those dreams come true. OK you can’t be Batman or have Captain America’s superhuman strength but you can design your own lair. This super infographic talks you through everything you need to transform your bedroom from ordinary sleeping chamber to supercool, top secret superhero hideout.

Of course when I say everything you need, I’m not talking a lick of paint and a MDF cabinet that transforms into a secret training facility. No, this is more of a guide to what some of the fantasy lairs contain. You know, like supercars, advanced propulsion systems, hydroponic bays, and a colony of bats. If I were you, I’d stick to Spiderman’s lair. Posters, computer and a pile of dirty clothes.

Hang on a minute……am I Spiderman?!


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