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Computer viruses spread quickly, with malicious intent, and cause heaps of damage – both in terms of finances and in personal-data.

Also, they’re really frickin’ annoying when you catch one.

Norton, the company behind assorted antivirus services and computer security software, have looked at the top 5 computer viruses in a rather nice interactive graphic (although there’s no reference to what the ‘top 5’ metric is – a combination of most damaging and widest reaching by the look, but it’s a bit confusing).

Encouragingly, the hayday for computer viruses seems to have passed – MyDoom, Sobig.F, I Love You, Code Red and Slammer all attacked between 2000 and 2004 – and cost $93.9 billion worth of damage between them.

Have a play with the interactive version – it’s interesting to see the spread of each virus and the specific targets – for example, I Love You’s relatively small hit rate (500,000 PCs) caused a signficant $15 billion worth of damage.

P.S. Forgive the fact the iFrame dents the website layout. We’re getting a redesign soon, so appreciate your patience with our shenanigans.


Found on: Norton by Symantec

Designed by: Branded3

Commissioned by: Norton by Symantec

Researched by: Varied sources

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