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The uproar against the pay bankers receive has been, well, monumental in the UK – in short, it seemed as though they had done their job badly, and got rewarded greatly for it.

Now, including bonuses*, the UK has far more bankers paid €1 million and over than any other European country (despite the fact Germany has the bank with the most Assets Europe-wide).

2,436 bankers in the UK are paid €1 million and over (an average of €1.4 million), compared to just 170 in Germany and 162 in France.

Those numbers are beyond definitive – and according the the Wall Street Journal, that number decreased from 2010 to 2011.

Maybe this is fuel for the fire – but the stats are what matter!

*I had to assume this as it wasn’t made clear – but their terminology, using ‘paid out to bankers’ etc, makes it sound this way.


Found on: Wall Street Journal

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