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The USA did once have a monopoly on the internet- and rightly so, it did invent the damn thing.

Juso Kankanen’s beautiful data visualisation does a good job of mapping this progression, starting in 1990, when ~75% of the World’s internet users were in the USA (despite the US making up just 5% of the world’s population).

What sticks out to me are the countries like Germany and the UK, that have grown consistently against other countries since the 1990s, despite being early adopters (rather than mirror a massive decline like the USA).

China’s 13 years of rampant growth is clearly recognisable here- in 2007, the USA and China both had the same number of internet users- in 2011, China had more than twice as many.

The majority of impoverished countries don’t get a specific mention, making up the ~25% of all internet users in the >1% category.

Odd that something that is so integral, and so acknowledged as the norm, can still be growing so rapidly in some countries, and even yet to grow in others.

Big ol’ revolution.


Found on: Reddit (r/dataisbeautiful)

Designed by: Juso Kankanen

Commissioned by: Juso Kankanen

Researched by: The World Bank

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