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Infographics. We all love them. That’s why we’re all here. These informative examples of graphic design are the very air we breathe here at News By Design. Thankfully we live in a world where infographics are ten a penny, with graphic designers churning them out like sweets on a conveyor belt. The reason that this beautifully designed world of pictorial information exists is because of the development of graphic design.

This perdy little example charts that development. Starting in 1917 the chart pinpoints James Montgomery Flagg’s iconic U.S. army recruitment poster as the birth of graphic design. Obviously this wasn’t the first poster ever made but this new brand of posters, designed to inspire positive, patriotic encouragement was an important milestone in the development of graphic design.

Other milestones through this history include the creation of Times New Roman, Pop Art, Psychedelia, right through to 1990, the prominence of desktop publishing and iconic designs from Apple.

Although this infographic is pretty to look at, as you would expect it to be given its topic, it’s not without its faults.  The text is almost, if not completely illegible, the punctuation rendering the copy almost nonsensical. Furthermore the timeline ends in the 90’s, meaning the last 25 years are overlooked. Sadly, all in all, this infographic is very much style over substance and I shall weep a small CMYK tear of sadness over this lost potential.


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