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Twitter is definitely not just for the English-speaking – even though it seems like it sometimes.

It’s intriguing that a social network can almost departmentalise itself; given that one eighth of Twitter speaks Japanese primarily (over half that that speak English) there’s very little cross-communication.

A further 12% (around a third of the English speaking Twitter pop) are Spanish-speaking – including a big part of the US’ Twitter population that isn’t English speaking.

Between English (34%), Japanese (16%) and Spanish (12%), just two thirds of the Twitter population is accounted for – countless other communities exist among fold, speaking a dozen different languages.

The information is displayed in a comfortingly confident and clear way – clear progression over time for each language, and identifiable trends and themes.

Like, for example, the surprising and consistent presence of Malay – for years it’s been a big presence, even back in 2010, where it was disproportionately popular (a similar situation with Portugese).

So, truly a world-beater.


Found on: Reddit (/r/dataisbeautiful)

Designed by: Walter Baumann (Technology Review)

Commissioned by: Walter Baumann (Technology Review)

Researched by: Semiocast

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