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The human body is a mess of processes, connections and inter-weaving awesomeness.

Sam Loman has visualised this very well – by comparing it to theconnections and inter-weaving awesomeness of the London tube system.

The best feature of this is the different ‘tube lines’ for the different systems in the body – and although that fierce Reddit creature did point out a couple of ish moments (‘musculetal’ for one), the way the various systems have been mapped alongside each other is genuinely genius.

One of those pieces you just have to stare at and enjoy.


Found on: Reddit (/r/infographics)

Designed by: Sam Loman

Commissioned by: Sam Loman

Researched by: Sam Loman

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3 comments on “The map of the human body”

  1. Jo Riley Reply    28th June 2013

    I love this, can I order a poster version?

    1. Profile photo of Tim Houghton
      Tim Houghton Reply    28th June 2013

      Awesomely, you actually can – got to the original designer’s website here ( and you’ll be able to buy direct. obviously it’s her site, so I can’t recommend or… disrecommend, but you can do it there!

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