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4 hours, 2 coffees, a flapjack and £131, no it’s not the plot to a film, these are the secrets to the perfect shopping trip according to a survey by Lush cosmetics. Unless you’re a man, then you like to get in, get bought and get home before the hour’s out.

72% of us enjoy a good old shop and are prepared to go the distance to get our buy on (14 miles on average). However, if you’re expecting us to wait in a queue for over 8 minutes….think again. I mean we will queue for literally hours for anything else but waiting 8 minutes to pay for something…ain’t nobody got time for that.

Other trip ruiners include not being able to find something in our price range, leaving without at least 4 bargain items and items not fitting us. Maybe if we weren’t eating flapjack as we went round we might not have that problem. Food for thought.


Designed by: Drench

Commissioned by: Lush

Researched by: OnePoll


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