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The purrfect crime…

Some people have that slightly controversial belief that cats are evil. It took an infographic to prove them right.

This graphic-cum-comic by The Oatmeal, besides being fucking brilliant, looks at the surprisingly evil world of domestic house cats.

One third of house cats actually regularly kill prey- two per week on average.

Pretty surprising, but worse when you see that only 21% of kills are brought home as a gift for the family- 30% are eaten, and a massive 49% are left to rot. Hunted for sport.

Evil kitty.

That means, as put ever so brilliantly in the graphic, that of the 84 million cats in the US, 28 million are MURDER CATS.

The body count for domesticated house cats therefore rattles up to 2 billion, 912 million. (2,912,000,000)- 41% of the human population.

Watch your back, feline fans. You just watch your back.



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