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DDOS attacks make for surprisingly good visualisations.

We’ve witnessed what a DDOS attack actually looks like (and frankly, it looks wonderful) – but now we’re looking at who’s attacking who.

The USA is really taking the flack – eating endless numbers of DDOS attacks from mostly unknown sources – and also sending out attacks across the country in massive numbers.

China are a major culprit when it comes to conducting attacks – and Europe is also relatively active compared to the rest of the world.

The total bandwidth attacked over time is remarkable – hit the little play button, and a whole world of DDOS brutality unravels.

Check the 9th August out – scary.

who’d have thought something so digitally intimidating could simultaneously produce such beautiful data?


Found on: Digital Attack Map

Designed by: Big Picture Group

Commissioned by: Google Ideas/Arbor Networks

Researched by: Arbor Networks

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